Everwise in Action: Executive Presence and the Power of Preparedness

By Colman LydonMarch 21, 2014


If you have watched Steve Jobs speak, you understand the power of executive presence. But the ability to impart effective and memorable communication doesn’t come easy – not even for Jobs. His weeks-long preparation for each of his public presentations was legendary. He knew the secret to executive presence was a simple one – preparedness.

Let’s put preparedness into practice. Schedule 30 minutes with yourself and a peer or mentor before your next big meeting this week.  Here’s your agenda:

  • Define the objective of the meeting. Write it down and practice saying it out loud to ensure that it will be clearly communicated to all participants. Get feedback from your peer or mentor by having them repeat the objective back to you.

  • Know the role that each person in the meeting will play. Write or draw a “map” with each person on it (including participants that are remote) and a few words that describe their contribution to the outcome.

  • Practice makes perfect, and feedback makes practice effective. If you are presenting to a group, practice the first few minutes of your talk with your peer or mentor. Ask them for frank feedback. If Steve Jobs, one of the best presenters in the world, could take feedback on his executive presence from his team, so can you.

Have another minute? Read about how Bill ClintonNelson MandelaSheryl Sandberg and even Warren Buffett benefitted from having mentors.


Colman Lydon

Colman Lydon

VP of Customer Success at Everwise

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