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How It Works

Everwise connects professionals with the people and insights that can help them succeed at every stage of their career. How do we do this?

Smart Data

Our multifactor matching process uses data from more than 60,000 relationships to pair protégés with experienced operating executives from our cross-organization mentor pool.

Delightful Software

Incorporating the latest developments in workforce science, our software platform provides all the tools and instrumentation required for success at every stage of the protégé / mentor partnership.

Real People

There is simply no replacement for the human touch. Our expert relationship managers work directly with mentors and protégés throughout the process to ensure successful partnerships.

Our Customers

The world's most progressive companies are using Everwise to develop, engage, and retain their people at every stage of the career lifecycle. Here's what they have to say about their experience.

"Insight partnered with Everwise to provide a professional leadership development mentoring opportunity for our managers. The program proved very successful – a unique offering with tangible outcomes. As a result, we are excited to be incorporating Everwise’s offering into our core talent development strategy here at Insight."

Jennifer Fernandez, Vice President, Human Resources, Insight

"Mentoring is a key component of our culture here at eBay and we're constantly looking for new ways to connect our team with mentors who can help them achieve higher levels of performance and stay at the top of their game. We're seeing great results with Everwise and have high hopes for the impact this program can deliver over time."

Aimie Aronica, Sr. Director Technology Engagement, PayPal


Don't take our word for it. Hear - first-hand - what our mentors and protégés get from Everwise.

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Leadership Team

Our roster brings together a diverse team of technology entrepreneurs, big-data enthusiasts, and human capital management veterans who are passionate about helping employees learn faster and perform better.

  • Mike Bergelson

    Mike co-founded and ran enterprise software company Audium which was acquired by Cisco in 2006. Most recently he ran strategy for Cisco’s enterprise collaboration business.

  • Maynard Webb

    Maynard is Yahoo!'s Chairman, a board member at Salesforce.com and Visa, former CEO & Chairman at LiveOps and former COO of eBay. He is also the author of NYT bestseller "Rebooting Work: Transform How You Work In The Age of Entrepreneurship."

  • Colin Schiller

    Colin turned his liberal arts degree into a tech career at companies large and small and is a master of taking the harder road since it makes for more interesting stories.

  • Kim Vappie

    As an experienced and innovative executive, Kim has an entrepreneurial spirit with a vision to help individuals meet today’s workforce challenges through mentoring.

  • Ian Gover

    Ian has spent his career designing workforce solutions that help employees do their jobs better, faster, smarter. He's held leadership roles at PwC Consullting, Sun Microsystems, and Better Workplace.

  • John Oh

    John has been deeply involved with technology startups for over 15 years. He is passionate about developing products that have a meaningful impact and is always looking the push the envelope for innovative solutions.


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