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As a mentor, you'll:

Get Started

Build your profile and schedule an intro call with your Experience Manager to determine goals for your 12-month experience.

Match Process

Begin the process to identify the match whose stregnths and experience align best with your needs, competencies and professional goals.

Your Match

Once you are matched, you'll meet with your mentee once a month during your 6-month partnership.


Ask questions and contribute to a global online community with other professionals focused on similar goals.


Use videos, articles, books and other learning activities specifically curated for you to work towards your goals and objectives.

A look at your mentoring partnership

Your program will include a 6-month facilitated mentorship and year long access to the learning platform, described below:

Estimated effort:
1 Hour

Estimated duration:
 2-6 weeks

Estimated effort
 1-2 hours per month

Effort varies

Effort varies

WIM/WiN invites you to build your network and develop your professional skills with our mentor program partner, Everwise.

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as a coach and mentor while you set goals with a dedicated Everwise employee


on your career experiences and share lessons learned along your professional journey


from curated resources that'll help you develop your coaching skills


professionals in the Saskatchewan area as they make progress towards their development goals

"Mentors are key to my success. I could never have seen myself grow into being a corporate and operational leader without mentors."

- Uma Gopaldass, Senior Manager at Newmont Mining and Everwise Mentor  

Everwise is helping these aspiring professionals


Nutrien, formally PotashCorp

"My mentor is an absolute pleasure. We are in sync. I'm pushed, but not burdened. I'm challenged, but not judged. I'm kept honest through thought provoking questions that come from a place of understanding. She keeps me honest with myself, I'm so lucky to have her as my mentor."


Newmont Mining

"My mentor's strengths are my weaknesses. Advice from them is always spot on. Even though my mentor has a completely different personality, they look at situations in the same way. The fact that my mentor has taken time to understand my role, my industry and my job has meant a lot."


Nutrien, formally PotashCorp

"I am getting more depth and breadth from this partnership than I could have imagined. My mentor is perfect; you could not have found anyone better. We will stay in touch and be friends for a long time. She too has been going through a merger so she has been a great sounding board."

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