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Workforce Insider (May 27)

By EverwiseMay 27, 2014

Want to know why LGBT-identifying Millennials are more likely than Gen Xers to keep their orientation a secret in the workplace? Or why some advocates believe companies should monitor their own employees’ social media activity around the clock? The answers to those questions and more in this week’s edition.

70A Question of Gender Bias in the Perception of Bad Bosses

Fast Company  |  Shared by Kathryn Minshew

Jill Abramson’s ouster from her position as the first female executive editor of the New York Times has re-ignited the debate on double standards faced by women leaders. Her firing raises the question: are abrasive leadership styles accepted from men in power but intolerable from women? Read more…

Millennials 4.5x More Likely to Stay in the Closet at Work Than Gen Xers

Wall Street Journal  |  Shared by Lauren Weber

Even as support for the LGBT community becomes more widespread in Corporate America, an increasing percentage of young gay professionals are electing to keep their sexuality a secret. In an effort to protect their career aspirations, concealing their identity can leave them discouraged and uncommitted to the organization in which they hope to advance. Read more…

Insider Statistic of the Week:


Employers Aren’t Bending Over Backwards For Flexibility

New York Times  |  Shared by Eve Tahmincioglu

While organizations tout workplace flexibility, research shows many programs are actually being cut back. The benefits of flexible work range from productivity to retention. To be truly successful, however, these arrangements must be ingrained in the company’s culture and available to all vs. being treated as a special accommodation. Read more…

Social Media Monitoring: Wise Precaution or a Risk of Liability?

Wall Street Journal  |  Shared by Lindsey Pollak

Reviewing job candidates’ social media profiles is now a common practice among recruiters and interviewers but some companies are contemplating upleveling their social media scrutiny. While some believe employees’ online activity is private and perfectly harmless, others contend that monitoring their tweets, posts, and updates around the clock is the only way to defend against defamation.  Read more…

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