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Workforce Insider (May 19)

By EverwiseMay 19, 2014

Curious to know what happened when Best Buy gave their employees complete freedom to make their own schedules and blow off meetings? Or how your job satisfaction may be determined by your relationship with your mother? The answers to those questions and more in this week’s edition.


Why “Free-Range” Employees are 41% More Productive

Slate  |  Shared by Catalyst, Inc.

In 2003 Best Buy adopted a radical new management plan: complete employee autonomy. When the company tossed the timesheets and held employees accountable only for results delivered, rather than office-time logged, productivity soared. The experiment begged the question: Should we only manage work, and stop managing people? Read more…

Racial Hiring: It’s Not Progressive, It’s Pigeonholing

New York Times  |  Shared by Elaine Newman

A subtle new form of racial bias has emerged in the workforce: employers now seek out minority hires not to ensure equality, but to selfishly better their business. Companies are increasingly attempting to match employees’ race with the markets they serve, but in doing so are actually limiting the professional opportunities of the very minority workers they’re claiming to benefit. Read more…

Insider Statistic of the Week


How “Workplace Moneyball” Predicts Employee Success

The Guardian  |  Shared by Michael Carty

The rise of “people analytics” – applying big data to human performance – is revolutionizing the traditionally subjective, instinct-based world of talent assessment. By using advanced algorithms and techniques like gamification, some companies hope to achieve a sort of data-driven clairvoyance to better predict employee potential, leadership, and cultural fit. Read more…

Love Your Job? Thank Your Mother

Washington Post  |  Shared by Doug Sundheim

Could the difference between feeling fulfilled by your job and viewing it as merely a means to a paycheck be determined by your parents? A new study indicates that mothers and fathers play different roles in determining job objectives and that having a close relationship with your mother may correlate to greater job success and satisfaction. Read more…

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