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Workforce Insider (June 9)

By EverwiseJune 9, 2014

Want to know why the “smartphonification” of work may be negatively affecting everything from your employee satisfaction to your heart rate? Or why Wharton professor Adam Grant believes nice guys can finish first? The answers to those questions and more in this week’s edition.


Why Takers are Fakers and Givers Get Ahead

Slate  |  Shared by Bertrand Dussert

Conventional wisdom holds that those with sharp elbows and a savage streak are the ones to claw their way to the upper echelon, but Wharton professor Adam Grant believes nice guys can finish first. He’s found that highly altruistic employees are well-represented at the top of the corporate food chain, indicating that when workers give and ask nothing in return, they may still reap the rewards. Read more…

Mastering the Intangible: The 3 Traits of Executive Presence

Washington Post |  Shared by Doug Sundheim

Economist and author Sylvia Ann Hewlett knows leadership is as much about conveying that certain je ne sais quoi as it is about delivering tangible results. Citing examples from Sallie Krawcheck’s boardroom charm to Margaret Thatcher’s tactical tone of voice, Hewlett explains how gravitas, communication style and appearance are the three things every executive must get right in order to get ahead. Read more…

Insider Statistic of the Week


Why 60% of Us Are Accidentally Working 70 Hour Weeks

Mother Jones  |  Shared by Jessical Stillman

The “smartphonification” of work may be a boon to communication, but it’s the bane of employee peace of mind. Studies show that by unplugging from their digital tether employees exhibited significantly higher job satisfaction, worked more efficiently, and even slowed their heart rate to a more leisurely pace – revealing that the dangers of off-hours email is one of the growing labor issues of our time. Read more…

Even Scandinavia Has a CEO Gender Gap

Wall Street Journal  |  Shared by HRCurator

Scandinavia is the gold standard for progressive workplace policies, so why has its glass ceiling barely been cracked? Though government policies make it easier for working women to successfully accommodate their families, little has been done to ensure they can also successfully grow their careers, even in spite of pioneering quotas aimed to place women in the boardroom. Read more…

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