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Workforce Insider (June 30)

By EverwiseJune 30, 2014

Want to know what Warren Buffett has in common with the creators of the MacBook Air? Or why your company should behave like a professional sports team? The answers to those questions and more in this week’s edition.


55% of Millennials Won’t Work for a Cause-less Company

Forbes  |  Shared by Lolly Daskal

For Millennials, the line between personal passions and professional satisfaction is rapidly disappearing, and their unprecedented commitment to doing social good in the workplace is redefining the meaning of employee engagement. Read more…

Willingly Invisible: Why Some Workers Shirk the Spotlight

Washington Post |  Shared by HR Hero

Why do some workers actively avoid being recognized for their efforts? By taking a closer look at “invisible” employees who toil away simply for the satisfaction of a job well done, we open a window onto our culture of self-promotion. Read more…

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5 Counterintuitive Habits of Authentic Leaders

Forbes  |  Shared by Lyn Boyer

What does Warren Buffett have in common with the creators of the MacBook Air? By acknowledging their blind spots and playing to their strengths, they’re both examples of leadership that embraces vulnerability in the name of authenticity. Read more…

Why Your Company Should Play Like the NBA

Harvard Business Review  |  Shared by Reid Hoffman

Don’t view your company as a family if you want it to be successful. The best-run companies operate like a pro sports team, able to build a long-term legacy of winning even in spite of high personnel turnover in the short-term.  Read more…

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