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By EverwiseApril 14, 2014

Want to know why Arianna Huffington believes overwork is such a danger? Or where to find your company’s “hidden influencers”? The answer to those questions and more in this week’s edition.


Hire Like a Startup: Tricks of the Trade From Silicon Valley

First Round Review  |  Shared by Officevibe

What can we learn from the fastest growing, smartest startups about hiring amazing talent? Concepts like employee “auditions,” closely coordinated remote teamwork and culling talent straight from your user base can help you hire the best and brightest.  Read more…

4 Simple Steps to Locate Your Company’s Secret Leaders

McKinsey & Company  |  Shared by Beth Banks Cohn, PhD

The people most likely to catalyze (or sabotage) large-scale organizational change are well-respected and authoritative – but usually unknown by management. Using techniques originally pioneered to study gangs and drug users, companies can reveal their “hidden influencers” to harness the power of informal change leaders.  Read more…

Insider Statistic of the Week


How Hiring a Star Can Increase Overall Team Quality by 68%

Quartz  |  Shared by Andy Phillips

A star employee’s biggest contribution is the culture of excellence she fosters. As Steve Jobs famously observed, A players hire A players and B players hire C players. Outsize productivity gains are born of dramatic improvements in team composition over time. Read more…

Huffington on the Myth of the Obsessive Careerist

Arianna Huffington  |  Shared by Lolly Daskal

In her new book, Thrive, the queen of political publishing illustrates why overwork and burnout aren’t the only paths to professional success. As Bill Clinton once said, “every important mistake I’ve made in my life, I’ve made because I was too tired.” She explains that burnout dims our cognitive function and mindfulness tools like meditation can increase it. Read more…

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