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By EverwiseMay 5, 2014

Want to know how neuroscience is providing unexpected insights into the executive brain? Or what phrases like “boiling the ocean” and “synergy” say about the evolution of the corporate workplace? All that and more in this week’s edition.


From Low-Hanging Fruit to Life-Hacks: The History of Corporate Buzzwords

The Atlantic  |  Shared by Steve Browne

Over the years, most industries develop their own tribal vocabularies. From the money-centric lingo of 1980’s Wall Street to today’s tech-talk, tracing the origins of corporate buzzwords illuminates the history and evolution of the workplace. Read more…

Brain Studies Explain Why 75% of Execs Get it Wrong

Wall Street Journal  |  Shared by Randy Conley

Neuroimaging is exploding some widely accepted management theories. By studying executives’ brains, researchers are learning how deadlines can impair creative thinking and why great leaders use emotion, rather than logic, to make important decisions. Read more…

Insider Statistic of the Week


LinkedIn’s CEO on Avoiding “Ron Burgundy Syndrome”

Jeff Weiner  |  Shared by Martin Birt

Jeff Weiner knows, first-hand, that a senior executive saying something doesn’t make it so. Without the right discipline, diligence, and communication strategy, even the most authoritative executives run the risk of becoming no more than a talking head. Read more…

Anger Management? Why the Best Leaders Get Mad

Inc.  |  Shared by Neal Burgis Ph.D.

What do Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Larry Ellison have in common? They’re some of the world’s most elite business leaders – and they all have a temper. Research shows that anger might actually be a useful emotion and that top performers can productively harness their anger to create focus, confidence, and motivation. Read more…

And a few more not to miss…

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Why You Need to Re-Think The Future of Your Workplace (Forbes)

Thomas Friedman on How to Get a Job at Google, Part 2 (New York Times)

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