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By EverwiseApril 25, 2014

Want to know why Pentagon employees are bragging about working fewer hours? Or what GE believes is the one process responsible for its reputation for legendary leadership? Find out in this week’s edition.


Why You Should Stop Bragging About Being Busy

Fast Company  |  Shared by Bill George

Exploring data from the time logs of musical virtuosos to the work schedules of Pentagon employees, author Brigid Schulte notes the flaws in our “culture of busyness” and explains why performance, rather than time, is the true currency of status. Read more…

When Personal Interaction Trumps Technology

Collaboration technologies can dramatically improve the productivity of distributed teams. Tony Zingale, the CEO of Jive Software, recently described why, in spite of these improvements, the “old way” of communicating will never go away. Tony’s not alone in his thinking; as Fast Company reported this week, Google struggles with the same thing.

Statistic of the Week


3 Reasons to Treat Your Employees Like Entrepreneurs

Fast Company  |  Shared by Savvy Intrapreneur

The key to driving innovation can be as simple as giving employees a little creative freedom. Replacing rigid corporate structure and closed-door policies with hackathons and time for personal projects, Shutterstock found that promoting a culture of entrepreneurship benefits both employee satisfaction and the bottom line. Read more…

The Secret to GE’s Talent Review System

Harvard Business Review  |  Shared by Ronald Thomas

GE’s Chief Learning Officer explains how the success of their legendary talent review system revolves around an intensely human process of in-depth individual appraisals, candid feedback and three other key elements.  Read more…

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