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By EverwiseApril 21, 2014

Curious to about Amazon’s new controversial and counterintuitive “Pay to Quit” program? Or how Google’s passion for data led to a simple – but clever – way of improving gender-related discrepancies in the workplace? All that and more in this week’s edition.


Why Amazon Pays Employees to Leave

Harvard Business Review  |  Shared by HR Curator

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is making it easy – and alluring – for employees to quit. His new practice of offering a bonus to leave, borrowed from progressive subsidiary Zappos, ensures that only contented, loyal employees remain. Read more…

The 5 Hallmarks of Truly Brilliant Bosses

First Round Review  |  Shared by Sarah Prevette

According to Robert Sutton, author of The No A**hole Rule, being a good manager requires a concerted effort. Citing examples from Pixar to 3M, he specifies how being assertive, focusing on small wins and fighting constructively can stave off the “power poisoning” from which most leaders suffer. Read more…

Insider Statistic of the Week


Elephants Can Bob and Weave: Your Enterprise as Lean Startup

McKinsey & Co  |  Shared by EB Harrison

Failure is rarely cause for celebration in the workplace. But The Lean Startup author Eric Ries believes that embracing failure – or at least taking risks and learning from mistakes – is a tenet of the startup world from which big companies can benefit. He explains how a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship can help companies adapt to otherwise deadly competitive threats. Read more…

Google’s Silver Bullet for Emboldening Female Engineers

Washington Post  |  Shared by The Switch

Until recently, the search giant’s female engineers didn’t raise their hands for promotions nearly as often as their male counterparts (the company asks employees to volunteer for advancement each year). Creating awareness around gender differences by providing academic research can reverse this worrying trend. Read more…

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