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Facilitation: Supercharge employee learning experiences (webinar recap)

By EverwiseAugust 27, 2018

We recently hosted a webinar on how companies can use facilitators to provide a more powerful and longer lasting learning experience for their employees. The session featured Denise Green, a San Francisco-based executive coach and motivational speaker, author of “Work-Life Brilliance”, and founder of Brilliance Inc., which helps professionals improve their well-being. Kate Angelo, a leadership coach and facilitator at Everwise, appeared alongside her in a Q&A and provided insight on Everwise’s valuable facilitation offerings.

Green and Everwise have worked together to transform Green’s 222-page book into a five-section learning path that Everwise learners can use to create more positive habits, with the goal of improving happiness. Said Green of the resulting learning path, “It was exactly what I’m trying to do. Reach more people, help more people, and do it efficiently.”

Here are the key takeaways from the webinar:

There’s a real business case for facilitation.

Learner engagement is no longer a nice to have. It’s essential in corporate learning and development. Studies have found that the most effective learning is social, collaborative and ongoing. People learn best when they learn from other people. In fact, research shows that 90 percent of retained learning comes from experiential learning or social interaction.

Facilitators are a crucial piece of the learning experience. They are the engines that drive engagement, help guide employees throughout the learning experience, and provide personal interaction that helps them get more out of the experience. A strong facilitator connects learners to the content, keeps it relevant, fosters reflection and sharing, and encourages learners to apply new skills directly in their daily lives that they probably wouldn’t do otherwise.

“My facilitation in the Everwise program helped people have insights they wouldn’t have had otherwise,” Green said. “People underestimate how it hard it is to change. Most of us have a hard time shifting our thoughts to something more fruitful because we get stuck in a loop. You’ll be more motivated if someone is helping you.”

By leveraging facilitators, companies can help their employees get more out of the learning experience and challenge them to step out of their comfort zone.

The Everwise platform is built to make facilitation easy.

Angelo provided a quick demonstration of how facilitators can use the Everwise platform to advance their learning objectives, using Green’s “work-life path” as an example.

Angelo said it was easy for people to create learning paths using content that already exists in their library. It’s also easy and quick for facilitators to work and collaborate across multiple groups, due to a smart dashboard feature that facilitates multiple groups from a single place. People can even communicate with other and respond directly from a Slack channel.

And once a company has used Everwise to develop a learning path, they can gain reporting insights, which provide valuable information on how well programs are running so they can report back to stakeholders and get the necessary buy-in.

Finally, Everwise’s reporting tools integrate easily with human resource software, so that people can see what’s working and what’s not. And because this all happens in real-time, people can scale, adapt and modify their programs to be more effective and engaging.

Results that make a difference.

Green was excited at the way the Everwise learning path made her book come to life and added a whole new dimension.

“I learned that my coaching techniques work even if I’m not talking to you live,” Green said. “I think people want to get more out of books, and they don’t know how. The Everwise platform makes it a billion times easier.”

Watch a replay of the webinar here or request a demo from Everwise.

And follow Denise Green and Kate Angelo on LinkedIn for additional insights.



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