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Everwise in Action: Executive Presence By Way of Mark Cuban

By Colman LydonApril 17, 2014

It’s hard to appear informed, authoritative, and trustworthy when you aren’t 110% confident in your own professional knowledge. This week, take a lesson in executive presence from Mark Cuban, who helped kick off his career as a billionaire entrepreneur by bolstering his credibility through the cultivation of expertise.


When Mark was young, broke, and inexperienced he took a job at a software retail store – in spite of the fact he’d never worked with a PC in his life. So how did he go from knowing nothing to impressing his boss with his expertise and gaining the implicit trust of his customers – even to the point that he began earning extra money as a software consultant? He did it by learning the tiniest details of his trade inside and out.

This week, adapt Mark’s advice to “read the frickin’ manual” to your own career:

  • Learn the history of your industry, as well as where it’s going. Your colleagues will come to trust and respect your industry knowledge.
  • Network with individuals from various departments in your organization (people from marketing, finance, product, HR, etc.). This will allow you to gain a complete, comprehensive view of your organization.
  • Bone up on technical jargon, buzzwords, and general industry lingo, and invest in a “word of the day” calendar to improve your vocabulary – don’t be above using flashcards!

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Colman Lydon

Colman Lydon

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