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By Colman LydonSeptember 30, 2014

This month we’ve put several posts on this blog about careers in education and academics. Today completes the month on a high note, with announcement of our participation in a program that boosts the next generation’s  advancement from today’s student bodies to the scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians (STEM) of the future.

Everwise is participating in the New York Academy of Sciences’ (NYAS) launch of the Global STEM Alliance, an unprecedented, public-private partnership which brings together governments, companies, schools and NGOs to increase access to great STEM education around the world.


These activities include a Clinton Global Initiative commitment to the “1000 Girls, 1000 Futures” STEM mentoring program. The launch event was executed by the NYAS team during UN General Assembly, featuring leaders of states, academia and corporations.

“It was surreal sitting in the UN assembly room watching world leaders, literally presidents, prime ministers and titans of industry, rallying around this initiative,” said Everwise co-founder Ian Gover. The Global STEM Alliance’s mission, at its core, mirrors Everwise’s mission – to positively impact people’s professional and personal development and success.

Everwise is honored to provide the underlying technology that facilitates mentoring partnerships for worldwide STEM students at a massive scale as part of this ambitious initiative. The leaders in the auditorium and everyone involved around the globe are determined to make enormous impact, with effective mentoring at the core.

Solutions to the STEM Crisis from The New York Academy of Sciences on Vimeo.


Colman Lydon

Colman Lydon

VP of Customer Success at Everwise

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