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Women are underrepresented in leadership and progress towards closing the gender gap is slow

Aside from a weak leadership pipeline, the gender gap is preventing your organization from unlocking serious financial gains. Companies who invest in gender diversity initiatives create a more inclusive and innovative workplace—something all employees (and customers!) can benefit from.

Infusing your organization with great women leaders could have a major positive impact on the future of your company.

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Only 22% of senior leaders in G7 businesses are female

EverwiseWomen will equip your emerging women leaders with the skills they need to thrive.

About EverwiseWomen

This 12-month program is designed to engage your emerging women leaders through a tailored learning experience. Participants will receive:

  • Mentorship through our 1:1 matching service
  • Structured peer learning activities
  • Essential skills workshops
  • Exclusive fireside chats with women executives
  • Access to our Enterprise Social Learning Platform
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Key program elements that drive results

Experience Manager support

Dedicated Experience Managers help prioritize development goals, motivate, and drive accountability throughout the program

Executive Mentor Match

Mentors, selected from a rich community of experienced Fortune 500 executives and business leaders, provide knowledge, insights, and inspiration

In-Person Workshops (2)

Participants meet throughout the year with a local cohort of women leaders for high-impact development events including two day-long workshops

Exclusive Fireside Chats with Women Executives (2)

Exclusive small group conversations with women leaders and role models provide insights on the journey to top leadership positions

Facilitated Peer Groups (8-10)

Moderated and confidential in-person peer groups provide feedback, support and guidance on challenging real-world situations

Learning Journeys

Curated content supports individual goals, while on-the-job learning exercises build experience with new skills

Community Building

Participants gain access to an active community of women leaders and other professionals focused on similar goals

Customized Assessments

Customized tools help participants evaluate their strengths, skills, aspirations and development goals

“Everwise has put a lot of thought into developing a comprehensive program and not just band aids. The integration was really what attracted me.”
Anne Raimondi Chief Marketing Officer, Zendesk
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