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Skilled managers have never been more critical to the success of organizations than they are today.

They attract candidates, drive performance, engagement and retention, and play a key role in maximizing employee contributions to the organization.

Despite the critical nature of this role, few people actually have what it takes to be a good manager. In fact, just one in ten people have the talent to manage a team of people, and organizations invest insufficiently in developing frontline managers. Furthermore, traditional approaches are not effective in enabling frontline managers to lead, providing only episodic support without sustainable improvement.

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More than 50% of turnover can be attributed to poor management

EverwiseManager will equip your first-time and mid-career managers with the skills they need to thrive.

About EverwiseManager

EverwiseManager combines the transformative power of mentorship and personal accountability with powerful software and on-the-job learning exercises to build the skills frontline managers need to effectively manage their teams.

  • All-In-One Software: The entire experience - social connections with mentors and peers, learning on the job and learning resources - all in one place
  • Team of Advisors: Dedicated Experience Managers set goals, guide mentor partnerships, and track progress
  • Global Mentor Network: Mentors are drawn from a rich community of Fortune 500 executives and industry business leaders
  • Curated Resources: Recommendations of articles, videos, books, and on-the-job learning activities support personal development goals.
  • Skills Workshops: Essential skills workshops to focus on the skills that matter most
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Key program elements that drive results

Experience Manager support

Dedicated Experience Managers help prioritize development goals, motivate, and drive accountability throughout the program

Executive Mentor Match

Mentors, selected from a rich community of experienced Fortune 500 executives and business leaders, provide knowledge, insights, and inspiration

Facilitated Peer Groups

Moderated and confidential in-person peer groups provide feedback, support and guidance on challenging real-world situations

Learning Journeys

Curated content supports individual goals, while on-the-job learning exercises build experience with new skills

Community Building

Participants gain access to an active community of leaders and other professionals focused on similar goals

Customized Assessments

Customized tools help participants evaluate their strengths, skills, aspirations and development goals

“Everwise proved very successful - a unique offering with tangible outcomes. We've incorporated it into our core talent development strategy.”
Jennifer Fernandez VP Human Resources, Insight

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Who we work with