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Without engaged and active future leaders, how will your organization scale effectively?

High potential talent is valuable, scarce, and a challenge to retain. It’s hard enough to identify true leaders—and once you do, keeping them engaged is even more difficult. But without these top performers your organization won’t be able to flex into new opportunities, let alone tackle challenges head-on.

Ensuring your organization has a strong pipeline of ready-and-willing leadership is key to your company’s future growth.

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25% of high potential employees plan to leave in the next 12 months.

EverwiseTalent will equip your best and brightest with the skills they need to thrive.

About EverwiseTalent

Everwise provides a cross-organization experience connecting high potential leaders with the relationships and resources needed to thrive.

  • All-in-one software: social connections with mentors and peers, learning on the job and learning resources, all in one place
  • Curated resources: articles, videos, eLearning, books
  • On the job learning: guided experiences to apply learning
  • Global mentor network: a rich community of Fortune 500 executives and industry leaders
  • Peer group: Other HiPos provide a rich peer group network
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Key program elements that drive results

Experience Manager support

Dedicated Experience Managers help prioritize development goals, motivate, and drive accountability throughout the program

Executive Mentor Match

Mentors, selected from a rich community of experienced Fortune 500 executives and business leaders, provide knowledge, insights, and inspiration

Facilitated Peer Groups

Moderated and confidential in-person peer groups provide feedback, support and guidance on challenging real-world situations

Learning Journeys

Curated content supports individual goals, while on-the-job learning exercises build experience with new skills

Community Building

Participants gain access to an active community of leaders and other professionals focused on similar goals

Customized Assessments

Customized tools help participants evaluate their strengths, skills, aspirations and development goals

“Everwise has re-engaged our high potentials, getting them to feel good about their relationships with the company.”
Susan Lovegren Chief People Officer, AppDynamics

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Who we work with