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Introducing effective talent development at enterprise scale

By Mike BergelsonOctober 11, 2016

It seemed so, especially with the infectious optimism of my co-founders (especially Maynard’s).

To be successful, we had to learn as much as we could about the way people learn; what was working in the world of professional development and what wasn’t.

As we researched the market, we quickly came to understand that the optimal ratio for learning relies heavily on social and experiential learning. Unsurprisingly, we learn best from and with others, and by doing, not through formal training.

We also listened carefully to those on the front lines. Most HR leaders felt they had to choose between implementing scalable solutions (think: learning management systems) and those that were truly effective (such as executive coaching and business simulations) because of budget and staffing limitations.

We figured that, if we did our jobs right, we could prove this to be an unnecessary choice.

Rather than focus on driving incremental improvements around formal training and eLearning, we decided to tackle one of the hardest aspects first: people to people learning.

We figured that if we could create a scalable and effective social learning experience, we could extend from there and build what we’re announcing todaya completely new model for talent development.

Phase one: Mentoring at scale

Over the past four years, we’ve built a software platform to support world-class mentoring systems at scale. Our software personalizes learning experiences based on an intimate knowledge of each user, connecting them with mentors from inside or outside their organization and optimizing their learning over the course of their partnership.

I’m proud to say that we’ve made significant progress towards our original goal. We’ve fostered thousands of impactful mentoring partnerships for hundreds of companies across dozens of industries on five continents without having to compromise quality for scale. Our Net Promoter Score for both mentors and program participants puts us in the same league as some of the world’s greatest customer-first organizations.

Phase two: Extend the experience

Our announcement today marks the second phase of our strategy. Our Enterprise Social Learning Platform provides a rich set of capabilities to enable continuous learning experiences that span the full spectrum of 70/20/10 over the long arc of one’s career.

The Everwise platform extends beyond traditional content-driven solutions to provide personalized learning experiences that:

  • Help define meaningful and relevant development goals on an ongoing basis
  • Encourage action-oriented learning to support on-the-job skill mastery
  • Connect professionals with mentors, peer groups and communities of practice to facilitate true social learning
  • Curate customized missions and expert content that keep employees learning throughout their careers

With today’s announcement, we’ve now made effective talent development available at enterprise scale.

This next phase promises to be an exciting time for every one of us.

I’m so proud of every one of our team members – the product and engineering teams that have built software that Josh Bersin and other analysts consider category-defining. Our operations and experience management teams provide a critical layer of human touch and hold users accountable to their own goals. Our sales and marketing teams are evangelizing the work we’re doing – explaining how we can help solve some of the toughest talent crises that organizations face today. Our investors and advisors put their faith in us and provide sage counsel and a steady hand when curveballs come our way.

I’m thankful that our community of mentors joins us in our vision of a workforce reaching its full potential; they’re building critical coaching skills while they help others achieve their dreams. Most of all, I’m grateful for our customers and their employees who trust us to deliver a world-class experience and inspire us to always be and do better.

Today’s announcement in many ways is still just the beginning. We are, in every sense of the expression, a learning organization.

As the workforce continues to evolve and technology continues to provide us with new opportunities for making our lives better, everyone here at Everwise will strive to help each of you reach your full professional potential. Stay tuned.

Mike Bergelson

Mike Bergelson

CEO at Everwise

About the Author

Mike Bergelson is the CEO and a co-founder of Everwise, a talent development startup that connects employees to the people, development resources and experiences they need to thrive at every stage of their career.

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