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Announcing the New Everwise Platform

By Colin SchillerJune 8, 2017

We’re excited to announce the newest version of the Everwise platform. As part of our vision to help employees reach their full potential, this update further develops the connections you have to the people, resources, and feedback you need.

Specifically, this update supports learning experiences that:

  • Help define meaningful and relevant development goals on an ongoing basis
  • Encourage action-oriented learning to support on-the-job skill mastery
  • Connect professionals with mentors, peer groups, and the broader Everwise community to facilitate true social learning
  • Curate actionable resources and expert content that keep employees learning throughout their careers

While we have always considered our learning experiences to be the cornerstone of Everwise, the platform now supports each experience with a structured, customized space that combines relevant content, people, and events, with a timeline to track and plan. Along the way, assessments and feedback loops are built in, to provide an update on your progress over time.

In addition, we’ve integrated collaboration more deeply throughout each element of a learning experience. Every resource within a mentoring partnership, peer group, or other cohort includes the ability to chat one on one or with multiple people, to dive further into the resource or associated tasks.

To pull it all together, the spaces that make up each learning experience are accessible from an updated homepage, that also includes the most recent resources you’ve worked on, the next pieces to tackle, and the most up to date conversations relevant to you in the community.

We continue to learn from every member of the Everwise community, and look forward to seeing how ongoing, measurable learning experiences impact the professional development of everyone on the platform.

Colin Schiller

Colin Schiller

President at Everwise

About the Author

Colin Schiller is Co-Founder and President of Everwise. Between product releases and scaling a fast growth company, he enjoys spending time with his 2 young children and wife...and testing theories on how humans can survive without sleep!

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