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Everwise Named Top HR Product of 2016 by Human Resource Executive

By EverwiseSeptember 21, 2016

From day one at Everwise, our goal has been to reimagine the way today’s workforce stays connected to the people and resources they need to thrive. We knew that building a best-in-class talent development solution would be a determining factor in our success. This is why we’re excited to announce that Everwise has been named a recipient of HR Executive’s 2016 Top HR Products.2006 HR Product Seal V14

Recipients of the award were evaluated by a panel of industry experts and selected based on their level of innovation, value added to the HR function, user experience and ability to deliver on what they promise.

Whether it’s retaining high-potential employees or turning managers into world class leaders, our customers are leveraging Everwise in big ways and this award is yet another reminder that what they do for their employees is important work—we’re proud to be a part of it.

Building an award-winning platform doesn’t happen overnight and we wanted to share more about how we approach our work.

  1.  Learning opportunities come in all shapes and sizes
    The formal training, articles and eLearning that dominate most corporate training today can open eyes to new ideas, but don’t drive behavior change. Creating moments of active learning, and providing experiences for people to practice their skills while on the job are much more effective ways to help people improve. After all, we believe that people learn best with and from others.
  2.  Everwise solutions must deliver a great experience
    Today’s workforce is more connected to technology than ever—and we have designed our platform to scale with these demands. By optimizing opportunities for collaboration, and augmenting our in-person programs (like EverwiseWomen) with a digital presence, people can access the resources they need and want, anytime and from anywhere.
  3.  Learning is personal and scalable
    We’re keen to improve the way people learn based on their unique preferences and skillsets, and whether you’re accountable for developing 10 team members or 10,000, we help companies roll out solutions that scale with their needs.


Everyone deserves to succeed in their careers, and we’re thrilled that HR Executive joins us in recognizing that.

Heading to the HR Technology® Conference in Chicago next month? Everwise will be recognized at a special awards luncheon held on October 5. Please drop us a line if you’ll be attending.



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