Why Emerging Leaders Need Mentors Webinar

By EverwiseSeptember 12, 2014

On Tuesday, September 9, Everwise hosted the first event in our new webinar series. The topic, Why Your Emerging Leaders Need Mentors, was based on our white paper about how workplace mentoring can play a key role in the engagement and development of emerging leaders. Below are a few key takeaways from the webinar. You can watch the webinar in its entirety and download the slides here.


Trends Impacting Talent Development Today

Organizations clearly understand the value of investing in their people. In the past decade we’ve seen a continued upward trend in organizations’ spending to invest in their people. When organizations make these investments and implement L&D programs right it has the potential to drive market and material benefits and improvement for the organization.

195Many traditional training programs rely heavily on online and classroom training. Participants generally only retain about 10% of what they’ve learned by the time they return to their jobs. Unfortunately then for most, corporate learning efforts are not yielding the expected outcomes. A more blended approach is required to be effective such as coaching, mentoring, and on-the-job training.196

When it comes to development needs, employees believe they would benefit from having a mentor, but many have never been in a corporate mentoring program. This appears to be more of an accessibility gap rather than an effectiveness gap. This gap can be bridged by communicating the benefits of mentoring and learning from the pioneers in workplace mentoring about how to best implement effective mentorship programs.197

What Can We Do To Bridge the Mentorship Gap?

Katy Dickinson, Everwise VP of Mentoring and a leading expert on mentoring systems, provided insight into how enterprise mentoring can impact the employee, their mentor, and the sponsoring organization. There can be beneficial outcomes for all three parties as a result of the mentoring relationship. What follows is a brief summary.

Watch the webinar in its entirety and download the slides here for the full overview.


Top 3 Protégés Outcomes:

  • Acquire new skills
  • Enhance professional confidence
  • Improve relationships

Top 3 Mentor Outcomes:

  • Pay it forward
  • Develop coaching / leadership skills
  • Extend professional network

Top 3 Organization Outcomes:

  • Measurable positive outcomes such as improved employee satisfaction and retention
  • Improve company culture and leadership pipeline
  • Nets a positive ROI for the program

Where Does This Take Us? Our Top 3 Takeaways

  1. Top professionals in every field routinely attribute their success to their mentors
  2. There are extensive benefits for employees, their mentors, and sponsoring organizations
  3. Corporate leaders can leverage this time-honored process for developing and retaining talent (at scale)

Other Resources to Check Out

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Presentation References

These sources were cited in the webinar:

Question and Answer

Thank you to everyone who asked questions during the webinar. While we didn’t have time during the event to answer everything, visit this page for responses to all of the questions that were submitted.



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