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By EverwiseJune 6, 2018

While many companies have bespoke training programs, sometimes management and company leaders don’t have adequate time or resources to teach communication techniques and other soft skills that are crucial to success in the workplace. With the world’s largest community of mentors, Everwise can help companies fill this gap. We’ve helped companies of all sizes create successful mentoring programs that can lead to stronger employee retention and engagement and help win over millennials.

Our mentors have experience helping mentees find success in their careers, whether that means getting help building an executive presence, setting personalized goals, developing a personal brand or learning how to think strategically.

Why offer Everwise mentoring to your employees?

Mentoring is associated with numerous positive career outcomes for protégés using the Everwise platform. Our protégés receive a special roadmap to help them establish goals, identify the skills needed to get where they want to go and prepare for the mentoring relationship.

Approximately 87 percent of the protégés who use Everwise say they are making excellent progress in achieving their goals, thanks to strong mentor accountability. In addition, 94 percent of Everwise protégés say that what they learn is so relevant that they use what they learn from their mentors within a week.

Part of the reason for this is that Everwise mentors aren’t one size fits all; they have a range of experience that can be helpful in bridging skills gaps. Each mentee is paired with the perfect mentor. Approximately 90 percent of mentees rate their Everwise mentors as “good” or “excellent.”

Create diversity and positive business outcomes

Everwise helps companies solve real business problems. We’ve helped many enterprises devise strategies to equip new managers for excellence, onboard new hires and build future leaders.

Many studies show that companies with leadership teams that are diverse and inclusive perform better. A mid-sized marketing company used Everwise to create more diversity in the workplace by creating opportunities for its female leaders to advance into leadership roles.

Women said they felt that if they had mentors, they stood a better chance of advancing into senior level positions at the same rate as their male counterparts. To help, Everwise provided one-on-one development for more than half of female leadership. These efforts complemented an employee resource group already in place at the company and create diversity in a seamless way.

A turnkey solution with powerful analytics to back it up

Imagine finding an easy way to measure employee engagement, performance or return on investment. Our mentoring programs run on learning and development software that is fully managed by Everwise. It’s scalable, easy to use, and rich in data analytics. We’re here to help you report results and tailor offerings so that you can measure exactly what you’re looking for.

When you demonstrate to your people that you want to educate and empower them through mentoring, they’ll be far more likely to invest themselves in your company. For more information on how to introduce a mentoring program in your office, watch our webinar on the topic or request more information from Everwise.



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