Mentoring Challenge #6: Tracking Outcomes

By Ian GoverAugust 12, 2014

Monitoring progress is critical for mentors, protégés and program sponsors to understand impact and seek improvement. Unfortunately, mentoring is rarely measured.

The Challenge

The lack of quantifiable results can make it difficult to justify resource allocation in subsequent years, and also can impede the program’s evolution over time.

Keeping track of the relationship and its progress not only helps the partners get the most out of it, but also enables the organization to measure the success and justify continued investment.

The Solution

  • Track progress at the partnership level to ensure that things are going well. If participants have established clear partnership-level objectives, then the relationship manager can help them stay on track.
  • Track progress at the group level by monitoring their metrics in order to ensure that there’s a good return on the continued investment.
  • Baseline and benchmark year over year to ensure consistent improvement.


Ian Gover

Ian Gover

Co-Founder at Everwise

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