Why Technology Is Critical To Innovation In the Workplace

By EverwiseAugust 18, 2016

Digital tools are changing the way we live, work, and play more than ever before. Thanks to the speed and innovation of the startup economy, new ideas are coming to life in product form literally every single day. Looking ahead, these advancements will only continue to grow.

On a macro level, large shifts in technology will dramatically change the way we work and forever alter how we approach the completion of everyday tasks. Therefore, it’s critical to understand how to generate efficiencies today in order to plan for an increasingly productive future.

For businesses, innovations in technology can help organizations of any size work smarter, not harder.

Whether working for a startup or a large corporation, technology can help us work smarter in two ways. The first is through the dramatic improvement of our existing communication tools.

The workplace of today has undergone a complete shift in how employees spend their time. Employee productivity has gone down due to social networking sites like Facebook, but technology has also created opportunities for employees to become more focused on precision, connection, and creativity, ultimately making them more efficient at doing their jobs.

When we pay attention to how much time we actually spend in our inbox, the minutes can be daunting. Small tasks like scheduling meetings can be easily automated by building simple shortcuts that free up valuable mental energy to spend on actual work.

By automating simple tasks like how we respond to e-mail or work with others to schedule meetings, we can optimize our communication to increase productivity and more effective as a whole.  

Advancements in technology also enable us to maximize collaboration in the workplace

Technology has given us a level of communication that we’ve never experienced before. We can literally work from anywhere with an internet connection and communicate with colleagues in real-time, for free. This creates a heightened level of flexibility, autonomy, and creativity. In the 21st century, team collaboration has been taken to a whole new level.

Streamlined project management tools, chat apps, and even business-specific social networks have the ability to improve the ways we engage with our teams, clients, customers — and even top-of-funnel leads — on a daily basis.

Below are examples of tools that can help you make the most of your time. The following will take only a few moments to set up but may save you hours of time later. In the end, the goal is to enable you and your team to focus on the tasks that really matter.

  1.  Calend.ly
    Simply put, calend.ly helps you to better manage your calendar by eliminating meeting-tag over e-mail. Calendly syncs with your calendar, providing you with a link to share with others. It allows the other to party pick a block of time from your calendar and automatically puts the meeting on your calendar.
  2.  E-mail Tools
    Boomerang allows you to “snooze” e-mails and pick a day or time you’d like them to return to your inbox. You can also schedule outbound missives to actually send at a later date. This is a massive helper in terms of both organization and productivity. SaneBox filters your inbox and only lets e-mails come through from actual humans. Everything else goes to a separate inbox to filter through at a later time.Both of these tools can help you to achieve the elusive “inbox zero,” which allows you to free up time for …actual work.
  3.  Slack
    Slack is a messaging app for teams. Much has been said about community-building over Slack, but it can be used for internal teams too. For agencies, rooms can be created by account, department, or both, enabling the members involved with each specific project to easily share documents and chat in real time.
  4.  Kit
    For business with an online store, Kit is a promising new technology for automating marketing tasks. Tasks can include building out ad campaigns or sending personalized emails. It will be interesting to see how this kind of technology affects the traditional marketing role over time.

Emergent technologies enable us to work in a more efficient way. As more tools emerge in the marketplace we have the ability to decrease our processing time while increasing productivity. By leveraging technology that assists us, we can increase productivity, focus, and stay ahead of the competition.



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