Everwise in Action: Executive Presence Best Practices from the CEO of GE

By Colman LydonApril 3, 2014

Would your team describe you as accessible? How much time do you make for others in the course of your busy day? This week, take a lesson in executive presence from Jeff Immelt. He often credits the success of his 12-year tenure as CEO of GE (a 300,000 person global company) to his mentor, Jack Welch.

180What was one of the most valuable lessons he learned from Welch about leadership? Informal executive presence is just as important as formal appearances.

An easy way to boost your informal presence is by improving your approachability.  This week, put these simple tips on name acknowledgement and eye contact into practice:

  • Acknowledge the colleagues around you using their name. Studies consistently show that verbalizing someone’s name creates instant affinity and connection. Meeting new people? Bone up on name-memorizingtechniques.
  • Maintain eye contact during conversation to convey to the other person that you have their full attention.  Make a concerted effort to note the color of their eyes to ensure you have good eye contact.
  • Focus on asking them questions about themselves instead of offering statements about yourself; “Mike, have you tried that coffee place down the street yet?” helps foster a better rapport than “I just tried that coffee place down the street, it was great!”

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Colman Lydon

Colman Lydon

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