Celebrating Our Mentors For National Mentoring Month

By EverwiseJanuary 19, 2017

January is National Mentoring Month, so what better time than now to celebrate our incredible mentor community? Their expertise and generosity is clear across partnerships and beyond. If you are new to mentoring, or new to Everwise, here are a few highlights.

Just getting started as a mentor? Read the advice from our mentor community on the best approach as you head into new mentoring relationships. For a deeper dive into creating a successful mentoring partnership, check out our interview with Everwise mentor Frank Dreier. As your new partnership continues, brush up on tips for how to build trust with your protege, from Richard Worth.

Looking for tips in the workplace outside of mentoring? The community offers their advice when starting out with a challenging manager. To avoid being a challenge to your own team, read up on how to build your reputation as a manager. If you aren’t a manager we have tips on reducing the time you spend in meetings, managing stress at work, and more.

Beyond advice, our mentors provide clear impact to the protégés in our community. Shveta Miglani’s mentor helped her navigate to the career she is thriving in today. While in a new role at a high-growth company, Alyssa Schwartz relied on her mentor to make the shift into management successfully. And Scott Musch’s mentor helped him develop a stronger personal brand after a career change and a new team.

The impact of mentorship goes beyond individuals. As mentors guide new managers or experienced executives through challenges, teams and companies benefit. Learn more about the Everwise mentor community with our infographic below.


Interested in becoming a mentor with Everwise? Sign up here.



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