“The Everwise mentorship was a big part of my process of moving beyond that in-between phase. I was just floored with how helpful it was. When I told my mentor what I wanted to do next it was fairly vague and I was unsure that it was even possible, but he was very much like, ‘You can do that. You should do that. You will do that.’ That assurance was such a source of strength for me.”

- Kendra Ott, Everwise protege
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“I saw someone with this tremendous amount of talent who was looking for a transformation in her career and her trajectory. It was really around setting up a discovery process for Kendra to figure out what her values were and what was most important to her in the myriad of options available to her.”

- Chris Crosby, Kendra’s Ott’s mentor
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“I feel like my company as a whole would really benefit if they did this program more, offering it at all levels of the organization. It would make the company stronger. It's like a stretching exercise - having a mentor offers you an opportunity to see a new perspective, hear from other industries to grow and push yourself further.”

- Christopher Martin, Nissan

“My mentor really gets me. She's able to take great notes, to push me. She's a great coach, mentor, and inspiration. She reminds me I deserve a seat at the table! I can't think of anything I'd improve because I've been so satisfied.”

- Wendy Ladd, Genentech

“Jeff has been phenomenal from day one. We both came in open minded. I’ve had challenges arise that would tweak our conversations, and I liked that Jeff provided that flexibility while staying focused on the ultimate goal.”

- Yev Saidachev, AppDynamics

“I think there is true potential with the Everwise program for us to really better ourselves as leaders by crossing cultures and industries to work with others who can provide advice.”

- Rebecca Ritchie, Everwise protege

“I think having a focused perspective on mentoring a female has caused me to ask more questions on if she's getting the support and feedback she needs. Sadly I think gender balance is still so off that there is a need to ask more probing questions and it cannot be taken for granted that people react the same to men and women.”

- Mike Cartoscelli, Everwise mentor

“I’ve been so fortunate in my career in having mentors, both men and women, who have helped move my career forward. So I’m passionate about giving back.”

- Anne Raimondi, SVP of Strategy, Zendesk

“We needed a way to facilitate learning between our more experienced managers and our new managers. The software allows this to happen in a convenient and ongoing way, making our managers stronger leaders as they learn from each other.”

- Kim Bolton, Program Director, Unum

“By having a mentor, I’ve learned that a lot of time I already know what I want, but am just not brave enough to take the leap of faith. My mentor has been a great sounding board and has given me the perspective I need to believe in myself and take control of my career.”

- Nancy Phan, Evernote