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The Role of HR in a Rapidly-Changing Business World

By EverwiseMay 4, 2016

Elizabeth Schillo has built a career around helping companies solve two of their biggest challenges – finding and keeping great talent. Her previous experience includes a long stint as sales director at CareerBuilder, and then as senior vice president at DICE. Over the last 12 years, Schillo has accumulated numerous accolades for her work. She recently joined Everwise as the company’s vice president of sales.


We sat down with Schillo during her first week on the job to get her take on what’s changed in HR in recent years and why she’s most excited to join the Everwise team.

You’ve worked with two of the top recruiting companies in the country — what’s changed most for HR in recent years?

Ten years ago, HR was viewed primarily as an administrative function. Today, while HR leaders are still responsible for back-office tasks, they’re also expected to be strategic business partners within their companies. The ongoing challenge companies face when it comes to finding and keeping awesome talent has revolutionized the role of HR and made it one that is expected to be less transactional and more transformational.

What do you mean by transformational?

Transactional HR leaders set policies and procedures about what is expected from employees. Transformational leaders create work environments where employees feel engaged, inspired and invested in beyond pay and benefits.

How has technology impacted the function of HR?

HR has access to more tools than ever before. This is great for automating processes, especially as the role of HR continues to evolve, but it also means that today’s HR executive has to be more data-driven and focused on results than ever before — both from a quantitative and qualitative perspective. Because HR is now tasked with driving the business and the people forward together, finding the best of what’s available in the market to attract, quickly mobilize and continuously develop talent has become increasingly important for HR executives.

From a sales perspective, how can you show the most value to the HR buyer?

If you’re an HR professional, you go home with a to-do list that’s longer than it was the day before and it just keeps growing. So being able to speak to that and say, “I know you have a million things on your plate, here’s where I can partner with you to help you and your department create amazing success.” First, it’s important to understand the challenges faced by each individual leader and then present solutions that address these. The other thing is to help them understand how what you’re offering will add business value to the company as a whole. As HR executives gain greater power within their companies, are more involved with strategic business decisions and are increasingly becoming a purchase influencer for other corporate services, equipping them with both hard and anecdotal data to help them talk to their executive team about business value of what you offer has moved from a nice to have to a must have. 

How does Everwise address HR’s second biggest challenge – helping their people succeed?

Everwise addresses two primary challenges faced by companies today — the first is retention, the other is career pathing. How do you keep the right people and how do you help them become your next generation of leaders? That’s where Everwise really brings a tremendous differentiator; we create a holistic learning process built around the 70/20/10 model, where 70 is focused on action-oriented learning, 20 is focused on people-to-people connections and 10 is on content tailored to the individual. We’re creating a learning experience that starts on day one and continues throughout the duration of the employee’s lifecycle.

What excites you about your new role at Everwise?

Through my roles as a sales executive for two of the country’s top recruiting companies, I’ve worked with thousands of companies and saw that where they really struggled was in retaining talent. How do we create an environment where employees not only want to work, but where they want to stay? Everwise is unlike anything that’s ever been in the market, it’s providing a tremendous amount of value to employees — and companies — all over the world. It’s really rare to find an opportunity where making a living also means making a positive impact on people’s lives.



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