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Emotional Intelligence Paths With a NYT Bestselling Author

By EverwiseJune 18, 2018

Many of us want to be better leaders, or be prepared to lead. And we know intelligence is essential for successful leadership. But which type of intelligence should be our guide? Last century’s dominant measure, IQ? A combination of Gardner’s nine types of intelligence laid out in the ‘80s?

Of the various types of intelligence, Emotional intelligence (EI, also called EQ) has recently been linked to successful leadership. We wrote a popular blog post a few years ago about that link, with a summary of what EI is and how to improve it. In the post, we reference world-renowned EI expert Daniel Goleman, whose 1995 NYT bestseller Emotional Intelligence popularized the term and connected it to business. Dr. Goleman’s Harvard Business Review article “What Makes a Leader?” is the most requested reprint in the history of the publication.

Coming full circle, we’re now thrilled to announce that we’ve not only partnered with Dr. Goleman–we’ve also just released our first Everwise learning paths in partnership with him and Key Step Media (press release here!). The full course, based on Dr. Goleman’s EI competency model, is a series of twelve two-week paths that have transformed static EI content into dynamic, interactive learning experiences powered by the Everwise learning platform. And the first path, Emotional Balance, is also available standalone with start dates in July through September.

Participants in a prerelease pilot called the experience “crisp and effective”, and said, “The content and structure of the pilot exceeded my expectations in terms of guiding me through self-exploration and activities that really helped with self-awareness and emotional regulation.”

Secure your spot today–registration is now open for July through September:



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