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Introducing Everwise Answers

By EverwiseMay 8, 2013

As part of the launch of the Everwise community, we’ve asked some of our mentors and associates to participate in a new concept, Everwise Answers. We post a business dilemma and ask our most qualified mentors to respond and give advice based on their own expertise.

Recently, we posted a case study that has had some really compelling and thoughtful conversation going on around it. We’d love to hear your thoughts, too.

Susan was recently offered a promotion into a different department – she’s been an operations supervisor, but the new role is HR management. She doesn’t feel like she would enjoy performing the work the new department does, but she’s afraid to turn down the promotion because she feels she might not get another opportunity to move up in the company. What would your advice be in this scenario?

There have been great comments and advice for Susan, both for and against taking the promotion. Most of the advice regarding not taking the new role focused on how important it is to enjoy your job. For example, mentor Dirgesh Patel wrote, “It’s very important to love what you do and enjoy it to the fullest, with that said I would recommend Susan to have a conversation with her manager and explain that although she appreciates the job opportunity she doesn’t feel it’s the right fit for her and that her passion is in Operations currently. She should also be very transparent with her manager and mention that if anything else comes up down the road to let her know. Turning down an opportunity she is not excited about is a lot better than accepting it and coming to work every day with dissatisfaction.”

On the other hand, Larry McKinley shared great insight: “The company is giving Susan a chance to apply her skills to new problems in new areas. She can demonstrate the ability to work in the HR team, which will demonstrate her ability to work with the HR team in a more senior operations role. With little detail, this seems like a good opportunity for Susan. If she’s afraid of getting stuck in HR, a straightforward, realistic dialogue with her old and new bosses about that should clear things up. If she just can’t face the idea of working with HR, she needs to realize what that says about challenges she will face moving up in the organization. If she’s just afraid to fail, she needs to remind herself that trying something new that doesn’t work out isn’t necessarily failure. Many times the experience is what really counts.”

Read the other great advice and feedback for Susan, and give us your feedback, in our new Everwise Answers community! We’ll be posting new case studies and questions weekly; if you have a question for our mentors, feel free to contribute a post to get comments and advice on. We’re excited about having this great online way to get help from our mentor community.



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