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By EverwiseJune 13, 2018

Learning and development today isn’t just about giving your people the best content (although that certainly helps). Context matters, too. For really effective learning, employees need to be involved in and inspired by their own development.

That’s why we designed a solution, named a “Top HR Product of 2016” by HR Executive, that keeps your workforce connected to the best people and resources they need to thrive.

Research shows that people are more likely to learn if they can easily recall information and apply it in the real world, every day in the work they do. So whether you’re trying to onboard new hires or cultivate future leaders, the best results come from efforts that are collaborative and connect employees to the most helpful people and tools they need to be successful at every stage of their career.

Drive performance with reporting and analytics

Our software helps you gain insights about how your learning and development programs are being received by mentees, with the numbers to back it up.

It’s easy to monitor your programs, groups and mentees in real-time. By using our facilitator and path tools, you can scale your programs as needed and set goals with participants and track their progress. Plus, our solutions have HRIS integration, which means that Evewise can send program and mentee data to your other systems to cull additional reporting insights.

Engaging, smart UI

Simplify the learner experience with a central user interface that’s intuitive, clear and engaging. With a single sign-on, you can make life easier for employees logging in by using existing credentials.

Our software syncs perfectly with tools you already have. It allows you to build solutions using your existing training resources with a drag-and-drop tool that features pre-built paths and allows you to schedule and manage learning events centrally within a learning path and provide learners with important feedback from colleagues and mentors–all while using a user interface that’s intuitive, clear and engaging. With central user management, you can grant and revoke user privileges and manage access to any resources from an administrator interface.

Our cloud-based solution is also accessible from anywhere, always updated, and secure with role-based access, data encryption (at rest and in-transit) and third-party security assessments. Your employees can continue running our software, even if your other systems run into trouble.

Software plus a one-on-one mentor

We pair our Everwise software with individual mentoring because we believe that mentees learn from people who have been through similar situations and have a helpful perspective to offer.

With the world’s largest network of experts, Everwise mentees use their mentors for short-term engagements or sometimes for longer ones. Given that we have many experts on our roster, we’re able to find matches for people of all levels, across industries, from those just starting out to those who have been in the workforce much longer.

There are plenty of reasons to leverage an expert. It’s a way to bridge skill gaps, especially considering how busy managers and leaders are, and to help mentees develop valuable soft skills. We also offer peer group sessions, where participants and facilitators can engage around shared learning.

High-impact, engaging learning tools

Across the board, we provide flexible learning experiences, tailored for your employees. Hit the ground running with one of our templates or let us help you design a custom path. We can help equip you new managers for excellence, elevate women to leadership, help on board new hires for success and plenty more.

Employees will stay engaged with plenty of relevant, bite-sized insightful content. Using our content integrations, you can feature your own articles and videos or use offerings from us or our trusted providers, including LinkedIn Learning, Udemy and Harvard. And as employees grow in their careers, you can directly manage the program with a facilitation tool that allows moderators to monitor and scale a mentee’s engagement and progress.

It’s easy to run and scale learning and development programs when you have the right tool. Let Everwise show you.



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