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Everwise in Action: Boost Your Executive Presence Without Saying a Word

By Colman LydonMarch 26, 2014


Subscribers to the Harvard Business Review rated “the ability to communicate” as the most important factor in making an executive promotable, even more important than ambition, education, or hard work.  But communication is more than just speaking clearly and authoritatively. Listening, really listening, is a critical component of executive presence and effective, two-way communication.

This week, let’s try listening differently. First, identify your single biggest challenge when it comes to listening, and put one of these recommendations into practice in the office, starting today.

Butting in? Practice patience.

Don’t interrupt, prompt, or finish sentences for the other person. We think and listen at very different speeds, so it’s no surprise that our minds race to what comes next.

Focus on understanding what your colleague is saying instead of crafting your next comment or framing their statement in your own language.

Don’t like what you are hearing? Listen even more closely.

When the conversation turns negative, don’t tune out, tune in. The ability to listen to ideas or feedback that you disagree with is critical to leadership development.

Rushing to judgement? Ask questions instead.

Wave away judgement of what the other person is communicating to you. Instead of crafting a response as they are talking, craft follow-up questions.
Have another minute? Read about Steve Jobs’ secret of executive presence here, and put what you learn into action at work.

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Colman Lydon

Colman Lydon

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